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How Clinic 10 Provides Psychoanalysis

About the Clinic 10 Way of Providing Psychoanalysis:

For many years I’ve heard from people express that they are interested in trying psychoanalysis in general, and Lacanian psychoanalysis in particular, but they feel as if the experience is out of their reach.

When I ask these individuals why believe psychoanalysis is unavailable they tell me:

  1. I live in an area where there are not practicing analysts.
  2. I can find an analyst in a city nearby, but with traffic and parking, it would take me several hours to attend the session.
  3. My insurance will not pay for psychoanalysis, and the fees of the analysts I’ve talked to are too high for me to afford.

To address these concerns I’ve created Clinic 10 as my way of offering a psychoanalytic experience.

There are several ways I can offer a psychoanalytic experience. 

For those wanting in person sessions: 

I offer a psychoanalytic experience is by partnering with an agency called SamaraCare Counseling. I’ve chosen to partner with SamaraCare because they provide me with a very accessible office space, a high level of autonomy and the agency has a mental health access program for individuals who lack financial resources to pay for 12 sessions of psychoanalytic therapy ad a reduced fee the patient an afford. (To take advantage of this program the patient will need to fill out an application.)  

  1. For individuals who have an insurance plan, I’m “in-network with” I can offer a form of face to face psychoanalytic psychotherapy at my office in Downers Grove Illinois. This office has ample parking and is located a short walk from a METRA station. 
  2. The office in Downers Grove can also be used by individuals who can pay my full fee out of pocket. 
  3. For individuals who can’t pay the full fee but are willing to apply to SamaraCare’s mental health access program for assistance. 

If you’re interested in working with me at my office in Downers Give please email me

For those wanting an experience of psychoanalysis that is mostly online: 

I’m often told by people that they want to work with an analyst, but they can’t find an analyst who has an office they can travel to on a regular basis. Due to this difficulty, many Lacanian analysts have chosen to offer a psychoanalytic experience in an innovative way. 

In an attempt to make psychoanalysis more available to more people I’ve chosen to offer a psychoanalytic experience that takes advantage of modern communication technologies. 

  • If someone is interested in getting Psychoanalysis I will do a free phone or video consultation. During this consultation, we will talk about your desire for psychoanalysis. It will also give you an opportunity to ask me questions about psychoanalysis, about me, or about how I practice psychoanalysis. At the end of this consultation if you are interested in pursuing psychoanalysis we can set up the first session.