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Because I work in a university, within a clinic, and I engage in my own work, I’ve collected a variety of different email addresses and phone numbers. I’ve tried to make the chart below to help people get in touch with me based on what aspects of my work they are interested in.

Please use the chart below to determine the best way to contact me.

Traditional Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy 1x per week in person at my office in Downers Grove. Insurance is billed.

Email me at SamaraCare Counseling
Lacanian Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis conducted in person sometime, and online most of the time. Insurance is not billed. Email me at Clinic 10
Psychoanalytic Supervision

Psychoanalytic style of supervision from me. 

Email me at Clinic 10
Academic Support Academic advising, preceptor work, dissertation committees, etc. Email me at Aurora University
Public Speaking You’re interested in having me speak at an event. Email me at Clinic 10
Podcast You’re interested in having me as a guest on a podcast. Email me at Clinic 10